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If your career has positioned you to work with traditional SD practitioners in HSE consulting and engineering, you already see how they help your company grow, manage risk, and improve market acceptance. But have you also seen how fields like strategic planning, process design, procurement and HR – which are not as often associated with sustainability – can offer solutions that profoundly impact your risks and opportunities relating to people, planet and prosperity?

The Bottom line: You want help to build a stronger, more profitable company. From a range of traditional and non- traditional fields, that's what Vermillion professionals do.

Choosing a Professional

Were sure you'll get good service and ideas from our members.

That's because, in order to strengthen our network, we work to attract and retain solid practitioners who will,
in turn, enhance each other's experience and maintain a long list of satisfied clients.

Its also because our members agree to Governing Policies that set out detailed codes of conduct for how to talk about sustainability and how to be good stewards of developing businesses. These policies don't replace the licensing criteria for many professional service associations, they add value by speaking to emerging issues in the SD field.

In the final analysis, one of the big benefits of selecting members of our network is that even though they specialize in one field, they understand the importance of all three dimensions of sustainability, and their experience with Vermillion often gives them a multi-disciplinary context for their work. It means your projects and processes can come to market faster and better—with fewer risks and a better chance of elevating people, planet and prosperity.

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* Please note: Network policy is for members to compete on a level playing field, based the strength of their offerings. And in order to avoid showing preference between original members and new members, or showing preference generally, the Network does not make direct referrals to prospective clients. Professionals use Vermillion trademarks under license. For further details, see this website's terms and conditions of use.

Community involvement

In their own towns and cities, consultants can lead quality Vermillion projects to promote business leadership, youth mentorship, and skills training —for a more consistent way forward all around. See more

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Vermillion Professional Network empowers members to deliver practical solutions that improve outcomes for clients and communities. So when you select Vermillion professionals for your projects, you support needed services to build stronger communities for today and tomorrow. Learn how